Skellerup Welly Size Guide Image

Skellerup Wellies - How to choose your perfect fit.

Skellerup wellies are a firm farm favourite, but did you know they're renowned for being a slightly larger fit than you might be used to? This means that in order to get the perfect fit for your feet we advise you select one size smaller than your normal fit.

So, if you normally fit a size 9 boot we would advise you select a size 8 Skellerup and so on.

This also applies to neoprene lined Skellerup wellies too - meaning you do not need to order a larger size if you intend to wear thick or insulated socks with your new boots.

As always we're here to help.

If you need further advice on Skellerup wellies, or any other of our brilliant welly brands you can email or call us on 01335 347788 Monday - Friday 8:30 - 5pm.

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