How to Correctly Order Cattle Ear Tags 2023

Ordering Cattle Ear Tags is simple and easy with Abbeydale Direct. But before you order either replacement single ear tags or pair of ear tags there's information you'll need. Here's our quick guide to help with each step:

CPH Number

In the UK, this is your County Parish Holding number. It consists of 9 numeric digits in the format XX YYY ZZZZ. You need a CPH number in order to keep livestock on your land. This number is unique to your land and allows your livestock to be traced for the control and prevention of disease.

Your UK Herd Number

The Animal and Plant Health Agency provides Herd Marks, or Numbers, in the UK. This number is unique to your herd and is the herd mark recorded against any animals born on your holding. It is possible to have more than one herd number on a holding, for example if you rear separate beef and dairy herds on the same farm. When ordering replacement ear tags, we need your UK Herd Number in order to correctly identify the animal you are ordering tags for.

Animal’s Herd Number

This is the herd number specifically for the animal that you require tag(s) for. A herd number stays with the animal for life. In cases where an animal has been bought and/or moved to a different holding, it will have a different UK herd number to your own. It is important to include the animal’s own herd number to ensure your replacement tags can be processed correctly.

Animal Number

The animal number is combined with your CPH and Herd numbers to give each animal in the UK a unique identity. This animal number is normally 6 digits. Animal numbers are normally ordered sequentially for each new batch of calves and assigned to the newborn animals in your herd. For replacement ear tags, it is important to get the correct animal number, matched with the correct herd mark and the correct holding number.

In all instances, please make sure if you spot a discarded tag in the field or pen that you double check the animal is still on site and alive. Any complications with ordering replacement ear tags are normally associated with animals no longer being on the holding or culled.

If you require assistance or advice on cattle ear tags please contact the team via our contact centre or call during office hours on 01335 347788.

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