Athlete's Foot in Wellies

How to avoid Athlete’s Foot while wearing wellies all day

Athlete’s Foot is not only a problem for athletes. In fact, it could easily be called ‘Farmers Foot’ due to working conditions farmers often experience while working in wellies. We’ve all had athlete’s foot - at best it can be irritating, at worst it can take you off your feet and stop you working.

So, how do you avoid or treat athlete’s foot while wearing wellies?

Firstly, what causes athlete’s foot?

Athletes foot in wellies

Athletes Foot is a very common fungal infection that mainly affects the feet (the clue is in the title!). The NHS describes Athletes Foot as causing itchy, irritating sores between the toes and along the foot edge. If untreated Athlete’s Foot can spread both between feet and to others in your household who share some parts of your life, like towels and washing facilities. Athlete’s Foot is caused by constant and retained moisture on the skin, for example, by improper drying, or wearing the same socks regularly without correctly washing them. Also, some sock materials can exacerbate Athlete’s Foot, by inadvertently keeping moisture against the skin.

Top Tips to avoid Athlete’s Foot while wearing wellies.

Wellies do a brilliant job of keeping moisture away from your feet. It’s what they exist for, and you live in them all day long, no matter the season. However wellies can do an equally brilliant job of keeping moisture IN too. Sometimes this can lead to Athlete’s Foot, irritation, constant scratching and some creative swearing!

Way’s you can avoid Athlete’s Foot:

  1. Properly dry your feet after washing, dabbing rather than rubbing
  2. Dry thoroughly between the toes
  3. Use a separate towel for yourself, and specifically for your feet
  4. Take your shoes off when at home
  5. Wear clean socks every day
  6. Wear cotton socks, that are more breathable
  7. Take your wellies off on breaks, consider changing your socks each time if possible
  8. Allow your wellies to dry in a well-ventilated space between wears, right down to the toes

Do nots:

  1. Do not scratch the affected areas
  2. Do not walk around in bare feet when you’re suffering from Athlete’s Foot
  3. Do not share towels
  4. Do not wear shoes which make your feet feel hot and sweaty
  5. Do not put wet wellies back on, consider rotating two pairs allowing them to thoroughly dry each time

Relief from Athlete’s Foot for welly wearers

There are many Athlete’s Foot treatments on the market and you should always seek advice from a pharmacist regarding which best suits you and your circumstances. Many treatments are not suitable for everybody and often only available for adults. Treatments include creams, sprays and powders. However, good practice including regular welly drying, wearing correct welly socks and improved foot hygiene can make a real difference. With Athlete’s Foot, prevention is easier and far less irritating than tackling the infection after it has struck.

Following these simple guidelines may also reduce your spend at the swear jar!

For more foot health, welly and footwear advice see other articles on our farmers help and support hub.

For great, in-depth foot advice see the NHS athlete’s foot section here.

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