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Upgrading your wellies will protect your feet, your posture and your wallet.

Wellies are available in an almost overwhelming selection of options - for every unique job there’s a welly that’s perfect. Here, at farming wellies specialist Abbeydale Direct, we see the same boot trends year on year - and while we’re all in the business of keeping outgoings under control, sometimes buying the cheapest isn’t the best option and can cost you far more than money in the long term!

Budget options v specialist wellies

You’d be forgiven for thinking wellies are a cheap work boot which exist to be worn to destruction. But anybody who works in wellies all day, like farmers, dairy workers, yard workers and construction workers will tell you that choosing the right welly for your specific circumstances is essential – which is rarely the cheapest.

Back Pain

Ask yourself - how many farmers from the ‘more experienced’ generation suffer from a list of ailments? Restrictive and painful conditions including bad knees, plantar fasciitis, replacement hips and back pain are common among farmers. Many of these and other issues may start with poor support in your footwear, leading to poor posture. Over time poor posture travels up the body affecting areas you may consider un-related to your feet. The very helpful NHS guide to posture at work, including issues on standing for long periods, has some great tips on how to improve your posture, all with the view of maintaining hip and back health well into old age.

Choosing the right wellies can help.

The budget brand wellies that you’ve worn for years may initially save you a little cash, but not only could they be poor for your health (even if you don’t initially feel it), they’re almost guaranteed to last significantly less than options with sturdier materials, better support, improved linings and many other features. Basic or no-frills wellies may very well be up to the basic daily tasks required, but below the surface their lack of quality could cost you dear. The old saying ‘buy cheap, buy twice’ rings true. Learning which boots suit your needs and investing just a little more will, in the long term, cost you less AND help maintain good posture health.

To help, we have a handy welly guide displaying the benefits of each of our wellies, including Hunter welliesSkellerup wellies and Le Chameau Wellingtons. Obviously, the choice is always yours - nobody knows your feet like you do, however experience has taught us a thing or two about farmers footwear and we firmly believe that when considering foot health, quality wellies matter.

If you’re still unsure and would like to discuss your requirements with a farming welly specialist, we have over 40 years of combined experience in providing the perfect footwear to farmers.

Further advice:

For more advice and helpful links the NHS posture guide has all the answers you’re looking for.

For advice on the best supporting wellies for working feet, contact us today.

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